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Faculty Gather for First Annual STEM Network Conference

California STEM faculty participated in an exciting two days this February.

SLI at AERA 2016

Attend sessions featuring Reading Apprenticeship at the 2016 Annual Meeting, April 8-12.

Opportunity for Grant-Funded Reading Apprenticeship!

Listen to a recording of our 2/11 webinar to learn more about TX, NY, MI & IL offerings.

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  • Reading Apprenticeship Introduction: Register Now for Summer 2016

    Secure a spot for a three-day introduction to Reading Apprenticeship. Learn how to make powerful instructional shifts for students’ success with subject area literacy standards. Learn how metacognition motivates all students to take control of their learning. Offered June 28-30 in Oakland, CA.

    Reading Apprenticeship Introduction: Register Now for Summer 2016
  • Do You Have Your Copy?

    Reading for Understanding is a one-stop guide to the Reading Apprenticeship framework, classroom tools and routines to put the framework in place, and classrooms vignettes to bring moments in real Reading Apprenticeship classes—middle school through community college—into focus.

    Do You Have Your Copy?
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