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Pennsylvania Teachers RAWC!

PA State Coordinator and facilitator, Melissa Devlin, discusses wrapping up a powerful Reading Apprenticeship project.

Teachers Begin Reading Apprenticeship Across the Disciplines

This summer, 500+ teachers start an exciting new two-year blended Reading Apprenticeship learning experience.

SLI at ISTE 2016

SLI leaders will be presenting on online learning at one of the nation’s top education technology conferences.

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  • Supporting Deep Change with an Immersive Online Course

    SLI leaders have authored a key chapter in the recently released book, Teacher Learning in the Digital Age: Online Professional Development in STEM Education, published by Harvard Education Press. [Learn more…]

    Supporting Deep Change with an Immersive Online Course
  • Caught by Surprise

    Lilit Haroyan is one of a dozen faculty advisors working with Reading Apprenticeship staff members on a program for STEM instructors. She is an experienced community college teacher, yet when she first encountered Reading Apprenticeship, it caught her by surprise. She has a considered bit of advice should it happen to you! Watch 2-minute video.

    Caught by Surprise
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