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Posted on March 16, 2018

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Take a Deep Dive into Literacy and Learning

Attendees of the sold-out Deeper Learning Conference in San Diego, March 28-30 are now be able to sign up for “Deep Dive Experience” sessions. Our own history and Reading Apprenticeship experts Gayle Cribb and Crystal Maglio will lead a Deep Dive in which participants will inquire into their own reading process and experience teaching routines that help students build strong academic mindsets. Conference schedule and information on how to sign up for this session is available on their website.

“Tangling with Text: Growing students who are willing and able to grapple with complex sources of information (digital, video, print)”

Date: March 29, 2018
Time: 10:30am
Description: How do we help students develop the skills to grapple with complex texts? How do we support critical literacy? Come to this session and inquire into your personal reading history and sense-making processes, then experience teaching routines that help put students at the center of the meaning-making.

Not going to the conference? You can read about the impact of the professional learning and teaching Gayle and Crystal facilitate and download some of the tools and videos they will use in their Deeper Learning presentation here.

You can also watch video of Gayle, Crystal and students working on Reading Apprenticeship routines in history themselves and with students:

Gayle and her U.S. History students doing the work of historians by grappling with primary sources, making text-based arguments, and helping each other think through reading challenges.


Crystal talking about the challenge of getting students to understand and question multiple sources and purposes when reading historical documents that help them understand and question historical events. She reads a text and “thinks aloud,” then pauses to explain what questions she would ask students to guide their critical thinking when modeling this complex sense-making strategy.

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