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Comprehensive District or School Services

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“When we first started Reading Apprenticeship five years ago, our biggest concern was we didn’t want it just to be another new thing coming down the pipe. We were really looking at how we could change things systemically.”

—Wayne Roedel, High School Principal (currently District Superintendent)

  • Integrated literacy and subject area support
  • 1- to 3-year options

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Options to build toward increasing local capacity to sustain Reading Apprenticeship work as part of overall improvement efforts
  • Cross-disciplinary and/or discipline-specific professional development for teachers at your site
  • Separate or additional professional development for teachers of the Reading Apprenticeship Academic Literacy course
  • Professional development for administrators, online or at your site
  • Leadership development to build local capacity to sustain Reading Apprenticeship implementation
  • Pathways for developing local expertise to facilitate Reading Apprenticeship professional development
  • Coaching at classroom and leadership levels
  • Periodic consultation and support for effective implementation outcomes

Why Do Districts and Schools Choose Reading Apprenticeship?

  • Relevance: Reading Apprenticeship supports teachers in preparing students for success in college and career.
  • Flexibility: Our framework works with a wide range of instructional materials, in all subject areas, and with diverse student populations.
  • Evidence-Based Results: Three national, randomized controlled studies have investigated the effectiveness of Reading Apprenticeship at the high school level. These studies found statistically significant gains in students’ reading comprehension and disciplinary learning. On some measures, students were more than a year ahead of control students.

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