Reading Apprenticeship: Cognitive Dimension

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Reading Apprenticeship: Cognitive Dimension

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Reading Apprenticeship: Cognitive Dimension Course Overview

About the Course

Prerequisite: Reading Apprenticeship Introduction Online (2-course series) or Reading Apprenticeship Introduction Live (3 days)

This facilitated digital learning experience is designed to provide an introduction to the cognitive dimension of the Reading Apprenticeship Framework. The course introduces specific cognitive strategies that teachers can embed in metacognitive routines to increase students’ abilities to improve comprehension.

The learning activities in this course include reading and responding to texts and videos, contributing to discussions and trying out new classroom routines. You must be an active teacher or a coach/administrator with access to a classroom where you can try out what we are learning in the course.

What You Learn

  • How to help students ask and answer a wide range of questions about text to support reading and disciplinary reasoning
  • How to help students develop a range of strategies to solve reading problems
  • How to help students use and construct visuals to support sense-making while reading
  • How to help students get the gist while reading and construct summaries
  • How to use students’ reading, thinking, and talking about reading to support growing competence and changing needs
  • How other participants are implementing Reading Apprenticeship in their classrooms

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Who Should Participate


Fall Session Sep 20-Nov 1, 2020 Register by Sept 15 Registration opening soon

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Course Overview

This fifteen-hour course is designed to provide an introduction to the cognitive dimension of the Reading Apprenticeship Framework. You will need to devote approximately two hours to reading, viewing, and posting for each module in the course environment (see pacing guide for more information). You must have access to a class of students with whom you can try out what we are learning in the course: the format of the course is online learning, followed by practice and implementation, then reflection. Guidance and feedback is offered by peers in the course and the facilitator who has extensive Reading Apprenticeship and coaching experience.

1 Setting the Social and Personal Foundations for Inquiry
2 Querying Questions
3 Clarifying Roadblocks
4 Visualizing
5 Summarizing
6 Monitoring Your Students’ Growth
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Technical Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 (and newer), Mac OSX 10.6 (and newer), Linux – Chrome OS
  • Computer Speed and Processor: Use a computer not more than 5 years old when possible, 1GB of RAM, 2GHz processor
  • Internet Speed: Minimum of 512kbps


  • $450/person
  • Textbook (must purchase at time of registration unless already owned): Reading for Understanding
  • Refund Policy: We do not offer full refunds for this course unless it is cancelled due to low enrollment. If you are unable to complete the course for any reason, you may re-enroll in a future session (within 12 calendar months), space permitting. There will be a one-time re-enrollment fee of $50. If you are unable to complete the course on your second attempt, any subsequent enrollment would revert to the full cost of registration.

Margot Kenaston ⋅ ⋅ 415-615-3225