STEM Faculty Seminar

Professional Development


STEM Faculty Seminar

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What You Learn

  • How to use Reading Apprenticeship as an instructional framework with your own course materials
  • How to recognize and model for students the reading strategies you use as an expert reader of STEM texts
  • How to build students’ willingness and capacity to read more, and more-rigorous STEM texts
  • How an inquiry-based approach accelerates students’ STEM learning and literacy, simultaneously
  • How to engage students in understanding their own thinking processes—the power of metacognition
  • How to foster learning dispositions of persistence, problem solving, and collaboration
  • How to step away from “delivering” content and move students toward independence

Nika Hogan ⋅

Who Should Participate

  • Higher-ed (university, college, community and technical college) instructors of all STEM subject areas and levels, including transfer-level, developmental, and career-technical courses*

*Not a STEM instructor but interested in this seminar? Consider attending our Cross-Discipline Faculty Seminar.


This seminar will be held in Summer 2020 – dates TBD. If interested in an alternative option, we offer an equivalent online course, STEM Faculty 101, in the Spring and Fall.


  • $1,500 per participant
  • Three days of professional development
  • Breakfast and lunch each day

Note: Travel and lodging are not included.

Included Course Materials

Nika Hogan ⋅