Leadership Community of Practice

Professional Development


Leadership Community of Practice

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What You Learn

  • How to deepen your own implementation of Reading Apprenticeship
  • How to engage colleagues in collaborative inquiry into the Reading Apprenticeship instructional framework, disciplinary reading processes, and metacognitive conversation
  • How to help colleagues make the complex, invisible processes they use as expert readers in their disciplines visible to students
  • How to help colleagues make changes in their classroom practice that build on students’ strengths as readers and learners
  • What your peers are discovering in their own classrooms 
and institutions

What You Do

  • Participate as an active member of a learning community
  • Practice facilitating Reading Apprenticeship professional 
development modules within a supportive community of peers
  • Facilitate professional development modules on your campus and get feedback from LCoP members
  • Design and get feedback on an implementation plan 
to disseminate Reading Apprenticeship at your college

Kate Meissert ⋅ kmeisse@wested.org ⋅ 415-615-3182



Who Should Participate


2018-2019 Cohort Winter Conference Winter 2018 Alameda, CA Registration Closed
2019-2020 Cohort Opening Institute Summer 2019 Dates TBA

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Course Overview

In addition to an opening summer institute and a culminating winter conference, participants work through a comprehensive set of training of trainer materials to prepare for and deliver Reading Apprenticeship professional development for campus faculty members. Teams set their own schedule between these face-to-face sessions for completing the preparation for and delivery of provided professional development modules. In addition, participants have access to ongoing phone and online coaching and to collaboration with other LCoP members.

Summer Institute 4 days
1 Facilitating Personal Reading History 5 hours
2 Facilitating Reading Between the Lives 5 hours
3 Facilitating Think Aloud 5 hours
4 Course Planning 5 hours
5 Campus Implementation Update 5 hours
6 Classroom Experience Report 5 hours
7 Facilitation Experience Report 5 hours
8 Reading Apprenticeship Videos 5 hours
9 Prepare for Winter Conference 5 hours
Winter Conference 2 days


  • $3,500 per participant
  • 6 days of professional development
  • Breakfast and lunch each day

Note: Travel and lodging are not included.

Included Course Materials

  • Our best-selling book, Reading for Understanding
  • Student and classroom case study videos
  • Facilitators’ guides for video cases and other key professional development practices
  • Binder of training materials and reproducible resources
  • Binder of professional readings
  • Download access to updated training materials and other resources

Kate Meissert ⋅ kmeisse@wested.org ⋅ 415-615-3182