Campus Coach Course

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Campus Coach Course

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What You Learn

  • How to deepen your own practice of Reading Apprenticeship routines
  • How to further engage students in their disciplinary texts across subjects and departments
  • How to present Reading Apprenticeship theory and practice to students and colleagues
  • How to bring an inquiry lens to your instructional practices and those of your institution
  • How to use key Reading Apprenticeship routines for faculty inquiry
  • What other course participants are discovering in their own classrooms and institutions

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Who Should Participate

  • Higher-ed (university, college, community and technical college) instructors who want to engage colleagues in building a Reading Apprenticeship campus community
  • Instructors who currently teach a class where they can continue to deepen their use of Reading Apprenticeship routines
  • Instructors who have a team of colleagues to work with who have also begun to implement Reading Apprenticeship in their teaching
  • Prerequisite: Participants must have completed a 3-day Reading Apprenticeship seminar or the 30-hour online 101 course

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Fall Session 2020 TBD, Fall 2020 Registration opening soon

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Course Overview

Goals for this course include:

  • Deepening classroom implementation of Reading Apprenticeship, with a focus on supporting student-centered, text-based Metacognitive Conversation with subject area texts
  • Taking an inquiry stance and leading from practice to facilitate colleagues’ Reading Apprenticeship implementation
  • Developing authentic advocacy of Reading Apprenticeship by engaging others in a campus conversation about academic literacy
  • Collaborating with colleagues to develop plans for campus-wide literacy improvement

Activities include professional reading and responding, viewing video clips and responding, and practicing and reporting on your application of key Reading Apprenticeship routines and ideas. You will also have the opportunity to share with colleagues in the course your experiences and reflections. Your culminating activity will be a reflection paper, taking what you have learned and wrapping it into a plan for your incorporation of Reading Apprenticeship in your classroom and on your campus.

The 8-week course is designed to be completed in approximately 40 hours—about 5 hours per week.


  • $750 per participant
  • Textbook (must purchase at time of registration): Leading for Literacy
  • CEUs will be available for an additional cost from California State University-Monterey Bay, College of Extended Education. Purchasing CEUs is completely optional, and not required for registration in the course. The CSUMB Reading Apprenticeship course catalog can be found here. CSUMB will open CEU registration a few weeks after the course has started. Check with your district office, as CEUs are not academic units.


  • Is the course synchronous: No, the course is asynchronous, with participants completing assignments independently. A few assignments ask you to find a time to speak with a fellow participant by phone or Skype, but you schedule these at your convenience.
  • Is the course self-paced: The course is somewhat self-paced, but it is organized by weeks. We aim for each participant to have completed the week’s work by midnight on Sunday in order to launch the next week’s work on Monday morning and move together as a cohort.
  • Must I have access to a face-to-face class of students in order to carry out assignments for the course, or can I be teaching online: You can work with an online class. You may have to modify the “Making It Real” assignments (opportunities to practice Reading Apprenticeship routines in your classroom and on your campus) to work in an online setting. However, modifications to fit your context are often necessary in face-to-face classrooms as well.
  • What is the time commitment for this course: The time commitment for this course is about five hours per week. Each week includes some reading and discussion of reading, an activity with fellow participants to explore the Reading Apprenticeship framework, and an opportunity to try out a Reading Apprenticeship classroom, professional development, or presentation routine (e.g., “Making It Real”). In addition, you will be planning for meetings with administrators and staff, which takes time. You know your campus culture best and will need to plan these in a manner that works for you and your campus.

Dallas King ⋅ ⋅ 415-615-3477