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Faculty 101 Course

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“In this course, I had to practice new techniques that I was skeptical about at first. I had serious questions about the time efficiency behind many of the activities. I am very grateful that I was ‘forced’ to practice the techniques, 
because it opened my eyes to their effectiveness.”

What You Learn

  • How to identify and leverage your own expertise reading the texts of your discipline
  • How to accelerate students’ subject area learning and literacy, simultaneously
  • How to make metacognitive inquiry a standard classroom practice
  • How to foster learning dispositions of persistence, problem solving, and collaboration
  • How to use reading for writing
  • How to step away from “delivering” content and move students toward independence
  • What other participants are discovering in their own classrooms

Kate Meissert ⋅ kmeisse@wested.org ⋅ 510-302-4211



Who Should Participate

  • Higher-ed (university, college, community and technical college) instructors of all subject areas and levels, including transfer-level developmental, and career-technical courses*
  • Requirement: Must have access to your own or a “borrowed” in-person or online classroom for trying out Reading Apprenticeship routines over the six-week period of the course

*Are you a STEM instructor? Consider taking our STEM Faculty 101 Course.


Fall Session Sep 18-Nov 3, 2017 Register by Sep 8 REGISTER

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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the Reading Apprenticeship framework, its impact on student motivation and achievement, with an emphasis on participants’ practicing Reading Apprenticeship routines in the classroom.

Course activities include professional reading, viewing classroom video, posting to online discussions, trying out Reading Apprenticeship routines in your classroom, and completing a final paper. You must have access to a classroom where you can try out with students what you are learning over the seven-week period of the course.

The course is designed to be completed in approximately 32 hours—about five hours per week on average, after a two hour starter module.

1 Getting Started 2 hours
2 What Is Reading Apprenticeship? 5 hours
3 Social and Personal Dimensions of Reading Apprenticeship 5 hours
4 Practicing Metacognitive Conversation 5 hours
5 Metacognitive Conversation: Talking to the Text 5 hours
6 Apprenticing Readers in Your Discipline 5 hours
7 Synthesizing and Preparing to Implement Reading Apprenticeship 5 hours


  • Cost/No Credit: $750 payable to WestEd
  • Cost/With Credit: $775 payable to WestEd, $267 payable to California State University East Bay
  • Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds for this course, however if you are unable to complete the course for any reason, you may re-enroll in the next session for a one-time re-enrollment fee of $50. If you are unable to complete the course on your second attempt, any subsequent enrollment would revert to the full cost of registration.

Kate Meissert ⋅ kmeisse@wested.org ⋅ 510-302-4211