Reading Apprenticeship SEL Resources for Educators

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Reading Apprenticeship SEL Resources for Educators

Welcome to Reading Apprenticeship’s “Integrating SEL and Academics” free resources page for educators of all subject areas, grades 6-12 through college. We hope these materials support you and your students to collaboratively read subject area texts.

Reading Apprenticeship is a CASEL SELect secondary program that supports teachers and students to engage deeply in rigorous academic reading while seamlessly fostering SEL competencies. Since 1995, Reading Apprenticeship has been supporting teachers and students in urban classrooms where linguistically, culturally, racially, and economically diverse populations are the norm. In addition to the resources below, you can find more free downloadable evidence-based Reading Apprenticeship curriculum modules and materials available on our website.

Integrating SEL and Academics Resources
Reading for Understanding, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Reading for Understanding, “The Reading Apprenticeship Framework,” describes how the basis of the Reading Apprenticeship approach to teaching reading in subject area classes is grounded in our view of learning as a social-cognitive interactive process. Download and read this chapter below or view a summary of the framework here for more information.

Chapter 2 Download

“Fix-Up Steps” Protocol

As students identify and describe their reading processes and problems, they will naturally include their problem-solving processes. For many students, the Fix-Up Steps Protocol is useful when they get stopped by a “roadblock” and need to clarify a point of confusion in a text. The last step, getting outside help, should become increasingly comfortable for students when the collaborative structure of the classroom begins to reveal their peers as valuable outside resources.

Student Materials

Metacognative Bookmarks

When teachers model metacognitive conversation with a Think Aloud, many give students a bookmark for keeping track of the common kinds of thinking processes the teacher will be demonstrating. Students can use this same bookmark as a scaffold for their own metacognitive conversations when practicing with a partner.

Classroom Video: Think Aloud
Teacher Instructions
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Metacognitive Reading Log Graphic Organizer

When students keep metacognitive reading logs in a loose-leaf binder or electronically, the individual sheets or documents can easily be turned in for teacher assessment, as with this Metacognative Reading Log Graphic Organizer. The log entries allow the teacher to see what students are understanding, curious about, or confused by—and respond accordingly.

Student Materials

Debriefing SSR+ Reading: Discussion Prompts

These discussion prompts can be used for whole class debriefing of SSR+ reading. Once they are familiar with the prompts, it can be helpful to give a copy to students for their use in debriefing with a partner.

Student Materials