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How A Large Urban District Focused on Literacy Instruction and Improved Student Learning

With support, leadership and Reading Apprenticeship, teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) have been able to shift instruction in ways that have helped students excel.  [Read more…]

Retention Rates Rise in Galena, Alaska

What's it worth to hear from adolescents, "Teachers care about us"? And what if that means those students stay in school? [Read more…]

“Okay, we’re going to read for two minutes.”

Nicole Dysart and Sindy Goodhart are co-teachers of eleventh graders at Reading High School who are most in need of help to pass the Pennsylvania-required literature test. “At our Reading Apprenticeship training,” Nicole says, “we saw how we could turn this community of nonreaders into readers, without them even realizing it.”  [Read more…]

Mr. Cushman, How Do We Know This Is Working?

It’s the second week of school. Rob Cushman’s non-honors, non-AP biology students have done a little reading and talking about scientific inquiry. They have sampled different genres of science text. They have tried out a couple of partner Think Alouds. Rob has introduced a “metacognitive bookmark,” a reminder of some thinking processes they can use when they read. On this day, Rob asks students to read in the textbook and keep a two-column metacognitive reading log: “I Saw/I Thought.” Students recognize that this Reading Apprenticeship stuff is unfamiliar territory—weird, even—for learning science. Not too far into the lesson, students challenge their teacher: “Mr. Cushman, How do we know this is working?” [Read more…]

Race to the Top District Expands Reading Apprenticeship PD to All Secondary Teachers

When the New Haven (CA) school district won a $29.3 million Race to the Top grant, Reading Apprenticeship was a key element in the winning proposal. Every secondary teacher in the district is now able to participate in Reading Apprenticeship professional development. [Read more…]

Grass Roots Advice: It Will Grow

Faculty at Northern Essex Community College began their Reading Apprenticeship journey as a small interest group. In monthly meetings, they supported each other’s learning and practice of literacy routines and approaches. Then they infused Reading Apprenticeship into the Campus Success Seminar for underprepared students, and retention rates of students passing the course topped 97 percent. Then they moved on to gateway courses [Read more…]

Teacher Leaders Key to Michigan Success Model

What makes for sustainable Reading Apprenticeship professional learning? Eight years down the road, it’s safe to say that district leaders in Michigan’s Washtenaw and Livingston counties have created a model that works. [Read more…]

“Leader Colleges” Meet Campus Goals with Reading Apprenticeship

Community college campuses in Michigan, Washington, and Massachusetts have been recognized by Achieving the Dream™ as “leader colleges” in substantially increasing student success. Reading Apprenticeship has been a key part of their approach. [Read more…]

Hanging the Moon on South Carolina Exit Exams

At Dreher High School in Columbia, South Carolina, it's safe to say that Reading Apprenticeship has been institutionalized. Five years after Dreher faculty and administrators first agreed to make a three-year commitment to Reading Apprenticeship professional development, they continue to re-up, month after month. It just may be that they see a connection with their students' continuing growth as independent readers and the school's impressive performance on statewide tests. [Read more…]

Inexperienced Oakland Readers Dig into Chemistry

Viewers may be surprised by what they see in this video of students with average standardized test scores below the 10th percentile as they work with routines for making sense of chemistry concepts. Inexperienced readers though they are, these students are learning to generate their own questions from texts and to begin to answer them as they move into lab work. [Read more…]

Dixon High School Cites Role of Reading Apprenticeship in Schoolwide Literacy Gains

Since 2001, teachers at Dixon High School have made Reading Apprenticeship their signature professional development effort. Literacy test scores for all students, and especially for Latino and low-income students, have improved steadily. A brief video captures a history classroom where students’ close reading and collaborative problem solving are regular features.  [Read more…]

Achieving Dreams at Renton Technical College

"Reading Saves Lives!" declares one of the many posters advertising reading across the campus of this Seattle-area technical college. At Renton Technical College, faculty members have scaled up the implementation of Reading Apprenticeship to reach 53 percent of students in the college's 70+ workforce programs. Renton staff members attribute a sharp increase in student retention and completion rates to the wide adoption of Reading Apprenticeship. [Read more…]