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Posted on April 26, 2019

Middle School-High School What's New

Become a Reading Apprenticeship Facilitator

Reading Apprenticeship is excited to grow our cadre of facilitators! This summer we are launching a new Consultant in Training (CIT) program. The 3-part Professional Learning Experience certifies teachers and coaches to become Reading Apprenticeship facilitators for WestEd.

Want to learn more about the program? Check out the details here and send in your application by May 15th.

This is a unique opportunity to deepen your own practice, expand your experience working with adults and contribute to a national literacy community. Here’s what current facilitators are saying about their experience:

Becoming a consultant has had an incredible impact on both my own classroom and the learning culture at our school. The work I do informs my classroom practice. Facilitating has deepened my own practice as both a teacher and as the teacher-leader of our building’s Reading Apprenticeship Professional Learning Community. The relationships and collaboration with other facilitators has provided me with a wellspring of ideas and strategies that I take back to my district. The best move I have made as a teacher was deciding to apply for the CIT program – Pennsylvania Teacher

Each time I facilitate, it strengthens my own classroom implementation-the facilitation experience serves as an ongoing reciprocal “tooling up” of my pedagogy… a kind of deep study as it were! – California Teacher

The process of being a CIT was one of the best learning experiences I ever had. Not only were my teachers intelligent, thoughtful practitioners themselves, they allowed me the time to truly reflect and grow into the role of a facilitator. They honored the inquiry method, encouraging me to do the deep thinking and reflection the role requires. – Michigan Teacher

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